In the middle of the last decade of the 20th century, the story of pizza and the story of place met. The place at
Gregorčičeva ulica 3 got a new story, a story which it deserves. But the story of pizza Foculus also deserves a place.
Without a doubt…

At the time of Habsburg reign, and Napoleon’s Illyrian Provinces, Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and all of the Yugoslavias, a lot of stories unraveled in this place. But it all started much earlier… About 2000 years ago. A forum was located here, Ancient Roman piazza where the townsmen of Emona (Ancient Roman name of Ljubljana) theorized and philosophized.

Just a short distance from the river Ljubljanica and Kongresni trg, in close vicinity of National and University Library and Križanke – stone pillars, long arches, 18th Century architecture… Changes from the era mentioned at the beginning… No one ever counted the thousands of hand-painted leafs on these arches and the whole ceiling, but they are without a doubt leafs of plane trees which can be seen at Kongresni trg by architect Plečnik’s choice. And if pizza is your (and probably your whole generation’s) favourite dish, in the place in focus (center) you put focus (Latin for fireplace), on it FOCULUS (Latin for embers), and you create…PIZZAS! In a big oven with a lot of embers, where breech firewood burn. Pizzas made with high quality, fresh ingredients. You discover flavours, create combinations, introduce new, interesting ingredients, and instead of initial 30 in 1996 you now carry on with 66 kinds of pizzas. Even these change – depending on the seasons or just a momentary inspiration.